Lights up on Act II

After discovering a shared love of style, Cherie and Diane combined both their personal and professional experience and built a brand based on the same values with which they raised their daughters—poise, confidence and spunk.

Driving the creative direction and design with a well-honed stylist's eye and a knack for prints, Cherie serendipitously engaged Diane, who, with years of experience in operations and production at Ralph Lauren and Vince, was the perfect partner.

As their second act, they want to empower women to wear animal print as a neutral, carry a fabulous bag—rather, a Cherie James bag—and keep their heads held high, no matter what.



Power in the Print

Our mission is to use our collection to bring the power of animal print to every woman, every day, everywhere.

The right accessory can make you feel so good that you walk out the door with a new kind of self-confidence. When you carry a Cherie James bag you're sending a message that you're not entirely tamed.



Meticulously Made

We considered everything down to the smallest detail. Our bags are hand-made in the U.S. with unique textiles in limited production runs. The vegetable-tanned Italian leather and the interior linings are selected for their individuality and beautiful distinctive qualities. Designed to mimic an authentic animal coat, the faux-fur has slight variations—these are part of the one-of-a-kind look, feel, and personality of each bag.



Timely and Timeless

With vintage animal-print pieces as our muse, we designed our bags to be for every day—as simple and essential as the color black. By refreshing these silhouettes of yesterday for today—and tomorrow—a new timeless basic is born.



And, The Poodle

Aside from being Cherie’s constant companions, poodles personify the kind of women we all aspire to be—elegant but playful, with a certain je ne sais quoi and intelligent cock-of-the-eyebrow spirit.